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I am Dipesh Chamling Rai

Digital Marketing and Number 1 SEO Analyst from Nepal. An internet freak, I spend most of my time surfing internet to learn new ideas and technology updates. Being a workaholic, I am always ready to work which gives 99.99% success result. Before getting into digital marketing, I am an avid football lover and a supporter of Chelsea FC. Kathmandu has almost zero good open football pitch to play, this is bad for everyone living inside capital who loves football. but there are futsal pitches established around cities and that's where I share my football passion and love.

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My Skill

All skills are learnable

  • SEO


  • Digital Marketing

    Digital Marketing

  • Wordpress




  • Web Design

    Web Design

  • Photoshop



What We Offer

SEO Service package

SEO Service package from basic to premium

Guest posting

Provide Guest post service for General, technology,Travel niche and more

On Page Optimization

We will help your website On page scanning and errors fixing to make your site perform better in Search result.

Link Building

solid link building services that helps your website perform better on any competitive niche.

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We are here to be the best

We are learner and service provider at same time. If you want our SEO services we do it professionally.

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Anything is accepted, your opinion, ideas, suggestions and advices. Dipesh Chamling - SEO Expert in Nepal

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