NRB allows prepaid dollar card in Nepal

Isn’t it good news that Nepal Rastra Bank(NRB)  is allowing prepaid dollar cards for the first time. People can now buy products or services from different international websites such as Amazon, Aliexpress, Netflix, Hosting providers, and many more. But everything comes with a limit and NRB has declared a 500$ limit per year for now. and it is still good news, there is a saying “something is better than nothing”.  Read More

How to fill ( IPO) Share Online from Meorshare

IPO refers to Initial Public Offering which means a private company offers a share to the public. Before we need to apply for IPO through the bank filling some details including CRN number. But now it has been easier with meroshare software where you can apply for IPO share online in just a few simple steps. meroshare is a software developed by (CDSC) CDS& Clearing Limited.

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10 Reasons Why SEO to Boost Business Exposure and Magnify Sales

Most business owners would agree that more exposure usually leads to more customers and increased sales. However, the way that businesses must go about gaining exposure has changed in many ways. A business’s digital presence is more important than ever because it carries with it the ability to reach far more people much quicker. This can have a more substantial impact than an actual storefront. This is where search engine optimization comes into play. It has the ability to significantly impact your business in many ways. Let’s count some of the most substantial ways that SEO can help your business.

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How To Benefit From Content Marketing Strategies

A successful business in today’s industry needs great web content. Great on-site content is beneficial for freelance blogs, online startups, and big online professionals. Online content experts suggest; contenting marketing to help your website build visibility. Content marketing is used to drive more visitors to your website by creating a high flow of traffic based on relevant content and more.

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What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a relatively new marketing strategy. Content Marketing Institute defined it as the marketing technique used to create and distribute valuable and useful brand content or information in order to attract customers. The aim of the content marketing efforts is to attract a quality audience and purchase products, which those contents promote. Read More