How to register free .np domain in Nepal?

In simple domain name are used to identify particular websites. Every domain contains domain name extension which is the last part of the domain name. It is the part that follows after your chosen domain name.

For example, – here example is the domain name and .com is extension – here example is domain name and is extension

same domain name with different extension are different. So above two domains names are different. Read More

How to rank in google images search result ?

When SEO is referred, the first thing everyone understands is ranking website in the search result page. Not only that it applies to everything you rank in search result like images, videos, news, maps and more. talking about image ranking you can rank images in any keywords in google. images are shown in positional order in google images search result for relevant keywords. Read More

Digital Marketing in Nepal – What is Digital marketing ?

We can see Digital marketing progressing in Nepal from last 2-3 years. Previously, people did not know much about digital marketing, how to start and grow a YouTube channel, Google AdSense, Google AdWords, and such. Now, people have started to harness the power of the Internet and social media to grow businesses. As ISPs (Internet Service Providers) have started providing Internet with a faster speed at affordable prices, the revolution in the digital field has occurred. The table has turned in the favor of digital marketing in Nepal. Read More

Google new search algorithm is rolling out; confirmed to be big one.

Something is changing with google algorithm recently from few days and it is happening now. As people have started to experience rise and fall of site rank within search result. Google has announced there is going to be big change in coming algorithm. Seroundtable to confirm the update after what google said;

Local Business listing sites for building good citation in Nepal

What is Business listing sites:

A business listing site is an online sites with list of businesses details listed in systemic order known as category according to relevant niche. Listing out businesses to local business directory is a solid way to build good relation with search engine as well as costumers. Getting your business listed on popular directory is a win to your business. More people will find you through popular directory that gives your business new lead and costumer. Read More