Something so far what I have learned?

Hello! Hello! This is Dipesh Chamling Rai. Can anyone hear me out? So I think it’s working, my virtual microphone on my blog. Ha Ha.

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This is the first time I am trying free writing. I suddenly felt like blogging about things I have learned. Blogging is not a normal thing for me and I am feeling awkward writing now. I am not a good writer nor am I an English expert but I know that people can understand my writing even though some grammatical errors may occur. It’s fun to write what you feel and learn. I am feeling excited as this is new to me. Read More

Off Page SEO – Best Link Building strategy

Off-Page SEO is the ultimate technique that makes your site rank in the search engines. On-Page Optimization determines how good visually your site is. How good is your site content? Does it provide value to the visitors? Everything we see visually about sites is on page Optimization? Making website rank from bottom to top in the search result page (SERP) is known as off page optimization and I call this process to be Phantom. You do it behind the scene and make your film hit on the screen. Link building, social bookmarking, social promotion, video or content promotion are all off page optimization that helps on ranking websites towards the top of the search results and drives traffic. Read More

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? – brief by SEO expert in Nepal

“The expert in anything was once a beginner”

Hi I am Dipesh Chamling as well as SEO expert in Nepal working as SEO Analyst inside the world of Internet marketing. There was time when I started doing SEO as a beginner, everyday was a learning day for me. I research new ideas and update myself all the time. If you can turn the table into your favor than you are an expert. I am happy to hit upon something that I actually find fun in doing and learning. In fact, these days I spend most of my time with it. Time changes fast. Read More