Web Hosting and Domain Registration in Nepal

Web Hosting in Nepal


Today, one new Google search can mean a new customer to your business product or services. So, if your business is not online, then your business will be out of the business. Also, there are myriads of hosting provider companies to help you bring your business online providing what you need, however, each company has its good and bad sides. Without hosting, your business website can’t go live on the internet, so good hosting companies provide you the tools and webspace on the server to host your site and go live. Make sure your preferred provider has excellent customer service, affordable pricing, and reliable service.

If you go to the actual plans of any industry-leading web hosting provider company in Nepal, you will see tens, if not hundreds of services offered at a much discounted price. If you are a newbie, you’d be completely perplexed by the functional opulence, the abundance of tools you can get for the web presence of your business for like NPR.479/year.

However, the major factors for every hosting provider’s service are Uptime, Site Load Speed, and Good Support.

Uptime – Uptime means that the server is up and run. If your site goes offline, even the best hosting package accounts for nothing rather it has a bad impact on your business.

Speed – Today, every customer expects fast and reliable UX (short for user experience) from every website. Thus, site loading time has a direct impact on UX and search engine results.

Customer support – All technical things break occasionally; having a support team with the ability to answer questions and deal with problems quickly yet efficiently is a huge advantage.

Also, it is hard to evaluate customer support until you face some real-time trouble and contact them. People often believe that they can go with any hosting company if they could find any great deal. It’s good to save some money. However, every hosting providers are not the good one though they offer some tricky deals. However, I have dared to still come up with a few metrics to help you measure the grade of your host support. Here are some major metrics from which you can take a cue and then run your research:

Response time – Time the support team takes to respond to your call

Resolution time – Time the support team takes to resolve the issues

Method of Contact – Phone, Live Chat, Gmail, Ticket System

Service Guarantee – 99.99% uptime and minimum 30-day money back

Social Media Presence – Active presence with regular post, easy connection

Knowledgebase – regularly updated knowledgebases, adding solutions to problems that support encounters as they interact with customers.

These are the tips, tricks, and metrics to evaluate the quality customer support service of a web hosting company. As I’ve researched the different hosting provider in Nepal based on six factors: types of hosting offered, customer support, value-added to hosting features, affordable pricing, disk space on the server, and an uptime guarantee. So, I can tell you the best web hosting in Nepal is the one who has all the features mentioned. For me, a site that loads fast and is always online triumphs everything else. What’s more, a best web hosting service provider has to ensure that site page is accessible at all times.

All of these are extremely important for the success of your website. For example, uptime measures the amount of time your website is up and running online. If a provider has low uptime, your website won’t have much chance of getting seen by visitors!


AGM Web Hosting as one of the best hosting services for your website in Nepal.


AGM Web Hosting grabbed the top spot in the hosting market because of its broad range of hosting services, greater server stability, premium customer support, and the value for money it offers. They also offer value-added features and tools you need to make your website go live and run efficiently at an optimum level. They offer cheap domain registration, web hosting, web development, and digital marketing – all in one place. Their shared web hosting gives you Free Auto SSL certificates, backup soft, fast SSD storage and email solutions.

Also, people often say never host your website with your domain registrar and register your domain name with your web hosting company. It might be because if some disagreements happen between you and the service provider company, you can easily move it to another host or register and still retain control of your domain name. However, it is always not the case. You can register your domain name and purchase hosting from the same company so long as you’re sure you can have good service with your chosen company.


Domain Registration in Nepal


domain registration in Nepal


Whether you own an existing business or have an idea for a startup, choosing a snappy, memorable, and easy domain name is a serious challenge. However, once inspiration strikes, you’ll need to register your domain name from the reputed domain name registrar before you can use it online. you need a strong online presence. Also, in today’s dynamic age of marketing, you can even create a lasting brand image with the perfect domain name.

Pricing structures can be complicated depending upon different companies marketing plan. Prices vary between domain extensions, too, so a registrar that offers great value for a .com domain might give you a poor deal on when it comes to .org. Also, it can become expensive on renewal for many domains. In addition, there may be extra costs for tasks like transferring your domain to another registrar, too. Here I will compare the domain registration, renewal prices for three top domain registrars in Nepal.


Domain Registration Price in Nepal


The different Service provider has its own price or service charge according to their service plan. every provider has 200-300 Nrs difference in their service plan with others. You can check and compare between different providers and choose what makes you feel satisfied.

 The following table gives statistics showing the prices for domain registration and renewal for top TLDs among three leading web hosting companies in Nepal.


TLD AGM Web Hosting Web Host Nepal Himalayan Host
Registration Renewal Registration Renewal Registration Renewal  
.COM 899 1199 1500 1500 1000 1150  
.ORG 1399 1399 1500 1500 1400 1534  
.INFO 1399 1899 1300 1300 1500 1534  
.TOP 112 1199 248 904 187 1134  
.NET 1320 1599 1500 1500 1400 1534  
.CO.IN 799 799 491 1440 700 734  
.BIZ 1499 1999 1500 1500 689 1734  
.ASIA 399 1439 2000 2000 2000 2034  
.TV 2879 3199 4800 4800 5000 5034  
.IN 999 999 2400 2400 1100 1134  


The table uses two domain factors (registration and renewal) to compare the domain pricing among three top leading web hosting companies in Nepal in 2019. Overall, it can be seen that the price for domain registration from Web Host Nepal is far higher than the other two companies.

To begin, AGM Web Hosting, as its slogan suggests cheap domain registration and web hosting, has proved its name completely true offering cheapest domain registration for almost all TLDs. It has the cheapest price for dot COM domain registration in comparison to that of Web Host Nepal.

Web Host Nepal has by far the more consistent registration and renewal prices in almost all top TLDs. It’s the cheapest plan for domain registration is NPR.248 for. TOP yet is higher amongst the two and renewal price is the lowest which is NPR.904 among rest web hosts.

Himalayan host has by far the medium-sized prices in registration and renewal. Its prices difference for renewal and registration in most TLDs cases are just NPR.34 only. It offers  .TV domain at much expensive price amongst other hosts with higher renewal rate too.


Key Takeaways

I’m sure you are already familiar with these web hosts and a domain registrar in Nepal, but hopefully, you discovered one or two new things to consider when opting any best web hosts and domain registration in Nepal too.

Did I miss any points regarding web hosting and domain registration that you love? Let me know in the comments below!

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