NRB allows prepaid dollar card in Nepal

Isn’t it good news that Nepal Rastra Bank(NRB)  is allowing prepaid dollar cards for the first time. People can now buy products or services from different international websites such as Amazon, Aliexpress, Netflix, Hosting providers, and many more. But everything comes with a limit and NRB has declared a 500$ limit per year for now. and it is still good news, there is a saying “something is better than nothing”.  Read More

How to register free .np domain in Nepal?

In simple domain name are used to identify particular websites. Every domain contains domain name extension which is the last part of the domain name. It is the part that follows after your chosen domain name.

For example, – here example is the domain name and .com is extension – here example is domain name and is extension

same domain name with different extension are different. So above two domains names are different. Read More

How to Create PayPal account in Nepal

Important Notice: Paypal No longer support Payoneer Mastercard and there is no any option to create PayPal from Nepal. So it’s better not to try and go through below process. 

Important Notice: You can ask your friends, family or relatives living abroad to create Paypal for you under their name. Only ask trustworthy people.

PayPal is an online payment system that supports online money transfers between PayPal users making easier to send and receive money online anywhere. PayPal is an American company that operates as a payment gateway for people who are working online, vendors, E-commerce sites and more charging small fee for successful transaction.

Whenever there is in need of online money transactions, first choice of people is PayPal because it is safe and secure for every transaction. Read More

Must not miss these amazing places to visit in Nepal

If you are looking for stunning blend of majestic mountains, natural vistas and pristine culture and opportunity, look no further than taking a break on one of these picturesque destination. Me, myself have not been to all of these places but I know I will be there one day. It’s all written based on people experience who have been to this splendid places where people must not miss to visit in Nepal. Read More