Wrapping up 2k17

As this is the end of the year 2k17 and I hope everybody has lived this whole year with own determination and hard work. I have decided to write about my experience and achievement of 2k17 as well as goals that I have targeted for 2k18. This is the ending of this year and everyone have gathered memories of 365 days. Good or bad memories, happiness and sadness, struggle, success, failure, fun, work, family, friends everything was blessed with year 2k17. Read More

Something so far what I have learned?

Hello! Hello! This is Dipesh Chamling Rai. Can anyone hear me out? So I think it’s working, my virtual microphone on my blog. Ha Ha.

 Thanks’ again for visiting

This is the first time I am trying free writing. I suddenly felt like blogging about things I have learned. Blogging is not a normal thing for me and I am feeling awkward writing now. I am not a good writer nor am I an English expert but I know that people can understand my writing even though some grammatical errors may occur. It’s fun to write what you feel and learn. I am feeling excited as this is new to me. Read More