Public URL submissions to google search index is no longer available

Something was going unusual within last few months for public URL submission to google webmaster. Indexing was not working like it used to do before, I was aware something was happening and here Google has finally announced that they are stopping off the public method of submitting URLs to its search index on Wednesday. The “add your url” page, which is still listed in this help document, now redirects to the Google Search Console login page. Read More

Add your business in google map and verify google my business

Having trouble in listing your business in google map? Don’t worry I have your solution, It’s easy and simple when you follow my step. I was having lot of trouble when listing up my business in google map and verifying google my business. It took me more than 4 months to figure out how things work for listing and verifying business in google map. Now it’s is easy peasy for me to set up any business and list in google map. I have been into lot of trouble and gone through many blogs, guides, videos and research. Read More

ProWizards as a best SEO company in Nepal

There are lot of digital companies in Nepal Providing SEO services from years back and more at present. In today’s technologically dominated world it’s not amazing if someone says I am a SEO expert or owns a digital company that provides SEO services locally or globally. It’s easy to register company, make websites or business pages, Facebook pages and making businesses online within no time. What matter most is survival, how long can you carry it on your back and move forward. It’s easy to make business online but it takes lot of effort to make it visible through out the internet. There are thousands of websites in each category and you have to compete between them to rank on top. ProWizards is one of the best SEO company in Nepal who can ensure your online success. Read More

Mobile first Index and page speed as 2018 ranking factor

The hardest thing to do among most of the work also is waiting. It’s always hard to wait for anything and sometime we event let it go, likewise people feel same while surfing internet and most of people clicks back button if website takes time to load. In case of website surfing people does not wait more then 10s if it load incomplete, eventually people start to feel bore after 4s . Read More