How To Register IMIE Number Online

The majority of phones in Nepal are not registered in the Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA). while many people purchase their mobile phones from foreign countries and are unaware of the importance of registering their mobile phone’s  International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMIE) number. also, there are many phones which are sold without paying tax to the government. Gray market has been highly active in the mobile phone industry of Nepal. As a result, the Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA) has issued a notice in which mobile phones that are not registered with the NTA will be unable to call or receive phone calls from Shrawan 2078 B.S which is called Mobile device management system (MDMS). Here is how you can register IMIE number online fast and easy.


Go to the link and, at the bottom section, click on “Know Your Device” button. Then Fill in the Input Box with your IMEI number. Now, click the submit button to enter your IMEI number. After that, you’ll be able to see if it’s registered or not.


Navigate to the site’s main login page. Then click the Sign Up button. Then, select Individual Application. You will now be taken to the Registration form page. You must complete the form as instructed.

  1. Select your nationality. If you are from Nepal, you should select Nepali.
  2. Choose Type as IME
  3. Put your Mobile Brand Name Like Iphone 7, Samsung Galaxy Note 8
  4. Write your mobile model number, you can find that in About section of your phone.
  5. Then put your IMEI number. If you havetwo IMEI number you can separate them by ‘;’.
  6. Insert your Full Applicant Name.
  7. Add your Address.
  8. Add your Contact number.
  9. Add your National ID number that can be of Citizenship, Driving License or Passport.
  10. Then Attachment of Citizenship, other Id Card Passport and Visa Section. You simply write which document you will attach in your form. For example: Citizenship if you add citizenship certificate.
  11. Then just upload your both side ID.
  12. Now provide your email and just click on Submit.
  13. The you will get notification of “ Your Application has been send to Authorized Department”.
  14. Now your IMEI number has been send for registration
  15. It will be registered with some hour or even some days.

In this way you can fill the registration form of IMEI.

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